Time lapses and video of massive haboob or "Dust Storm" hitting the Phoenix, Arizona metro area. Shot Description Shot 1: Time Lapse of haboob coming into Tempe, Arizona near Tempe Town Lake Shot 2: Time Lapse of haboob approaching phoenix sky harbor airport. Shot 3: Time Lapse medium shot haboob with airplanes approaching the skyline of Tempe, Arizona Shot 4: Time Lapse tight shot of haboob hitting buildings in Tempe, Arizona Shot 5: Time Lapse of same dust storm hitting the west side of the airport including downtown Phoenix at sunset. Shot 6: B-roll of haboob approaching sky harbor with airplane parked at gate. Shot 7: More b-roll of haboob approaching airport lit up with sunset colors Shot 8: Tight shot of plane taxing with haboob approaching. Shot 9: Another tight shot of airplanes and haboob. Shot 10: Airplane on approaching trying to land before haboob hits. Shot 11: Airplane makes the safe choice of doing a go around. Shot 12: Reduced visibility with sandy haze over the airport. Shot 13: Panning shot of haboob with saguaro cacti. Shot 14: Tight shot of haboob with cacti. Shot 15: Wide shot of haboob going over mountains. Shot 16: Gustnado in front of haboob. SID: Bryan Snider Mike Olbinski

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